Behind Western Rim Properties’ Success

What is Western Rim Properties?

Western Rim Properties is a real estate company worth $1 billion in assets. The goal of Western Rim Properties is to develop dream communities where every citizen of Texas would love to live. So far, Western Rim Properties and its affiliates have managed, developed, and owned more than 25,000 apartment homes. These apartment homes can be found in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, New Braunfels, San Antonio, and Houston, Texas.

Marcus Hiles: The Face of Success

Of course, behind every successful company is a successful entrepreneur. As for Western Rim Properties, this man is known as Marcus Hiles. Marcus started his vision to create a real estate company when he was only an undergraduate in Rice University, where he took up a bachelor’s degree in business management. He then took up a master’s degree in Pepperdine University. By the time he was 28, he had already established Western Rim Properties.

Western Rim Properties and its Struggles

Western Rim Properties is now one of the most successful real estate companies there are. But of course, before Western Rim Properties reached such great heights, some obstacles had to be encountered. Nowadays, Marcus Hiles is one of the wealthiest men in Texas but this hasn’t always been the case. Marcus was born into a middle class family. Unlike other businessmen, he didn’t inherit any huge amounts of fortune and therefore had to build his own company from sums of his own savings.

Western Rim Properties also started small. At first, Marcus only had a few men to do the job and they had to hire services to do some of the dirty work for them. But Marcus realized that if they do the services themselves instead of hiring other people, the company would be able to save up on money. That is why Western Rim Properties is able to provide luxurious homes at affordable prices.

Lot of sacrifices

During the early years of Western Rim Properties, Marcus also had to make some sacrifices in order to keep the company running. These sacrifices include sleeping on the floor of his friend’s apartment just so he could pay his staff on time. Marcus really makes other people his priority. It has always been his goal to put other peoples’ wants and needs before his, especially his clients’. With the kind of attitude Marcus has towards his business, it is no wonder his company is such a success.

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