Marcus Hiles Reshapes Rental Market

Millennials looking for “The Best Place in the City” for their new apartment can turn to Marcus Hiles. Along with his company Western Rim Property Services, Hiles specializes in affordable luxury complexes located across the state of Texas. Always offering a high quality of life and signature amenities, Hiles has made it easier than ever to enjoy the apartment lifestyle. Eco-friendly settings and upmarket features allow renters to look beyond the standard for long-term unit housing.

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Marcus Hiles Shaves Energy Costs With Updated Air Conditioning

Marcus Hiles has one last tip for homebuyers and renters.  He suggests that you look for properties that have newer air conditioner units that have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) that is 16 or above.  The Department of Energy only requires new units to be rated between 13 and 14, but as Hiles points out, the bigger the number the better the savings.  When compared to a unit that is 15 years old and rated at 10, the newer units can cut air conditioning costs as much as 60 percent.  He equips his properties with new air conditioning units that deliver savings of more than $424,000 every year.  He also points out that over five years that will be more than $6 million saved and carbon emissions lowered by 327,000 tons.

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Accepting Communities Part Of Marcus Hiles’ Success

Since the 1960s, master planned commercial developments have been a prominent force in the residential sector, with Texas at the forefront of this trend. Established in 1973, Las Colinas was one of the first such developments and is still experiencing growth today. In 2006, citizens approved changes to deed restrictions to allow an even greater density of mixed use urban construction. The Woodlands was built in the 1970s and still stands as one of the most prominent residential and business destinations in the Houston area. The success of Marcus Hiles’ business stems from the precedents these great communities uphold. Western Rim’s developments showcase resort style amenities so that their tenants never have to leave the property, if they so choose, and are built on carefully selected plots featuring beautiful natural landscapes and easy access to Texas’ many attractions. Each property has unique planned events and social activities promoting a healthy, active lifestyle and fostering accepting, neighboring environments.

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