Marcus Hiles On Importance Of Childrens’ Access To Education

Karen Rue, president of the Texas Association of School Administrators, echoes what Marcus Hiles has said, “kids deserve transformational, top-to-bottom reform. We need a better understanding of what it costs to educate 5.2 million students.” To help policymakers ensure that every child is educated enough to obtain a job paying above the poverty line, the AEI-Brookings Institute (a Washington, D.C. based nonprofit public policy research organization) formed a Working Group on Poverty and Opportunity. Its 2015 findings recommended policies increasing public investment in preschool and postsecondary education, along with promoting social-emotional and academic skills, modernizing the organization and accountability of the educational system, and closing resource gaps. For Americans, education has always been a vital way to transform economic circumstances. In a time of growing inequality, increasing access to quality education has the potential to offer higher chances for countless American children to succeed.

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Marcus Hiles Cites CDC Studies Explaining Benefits Of Exercise

Much more than just a tool for weight loss, regular exercise is critical in decreasing one’s risk of heart disease, staving off injuries, feeling well mentally, remaining physically fit, and living longer. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), exercise will decrease the risk of heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, type-2-diabetes, obesity, breast and colon cancer, osteoporosis, and depression in people of all ages. Research from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine indicates that keeping an active lifestyle may help add five years to life expectancy. Meanwhile, explains Marcus Hiles,The Lancet’s studies discuss the mental and social benefits: “a sense of purpose and value, a better quality of life, improved sleep and reduced stress, as well as stronger relationships and social connectedness.”

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Marcus Hiles On Success Of His Planned Communities

Beginning in the 1960s, master planned commercial developments began dominating the residential sector, and Texas has remained at the forefront of this trend. Las Colinas, established in 1973, serves as one of the first examples, still experiencing growth today. Citizens voted in 2006 to approve changes to deed restrictions, allowing for an even greater density of mixed use urban construction. Later in the 1970s, The Woodlands was developed, and still remains one of the premier residential and business destinations in greater Houston. The success of Marcus Hiles’ communities derives from the precedents he has set. Western Rim’s developments feature resort style amenities, meaning tenants never have to leave the grounds, if they do not wish to do so, and are built upon premiere lots that feature beautiful surrounding landscapes and convenient access to the surrounding area’s many attractions. Each property’s unique events and social activities encourage a healthy, active lifestyles and an accepting neighborhood environment.

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Occupants Who Engage in Mild Exercise Lead Healthier Lives – Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles urges occupants to select areas with walkways, clarifying that occupants that engage in even moderate-level exercising on the trails have the benefit of leading much healthier lives. A 2008 study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine provides better proof, recommending that people that live near parks have a tendency to have a reduced threat of obesity; while a 2010 research study by the journal Social Scientific research and also Medicine discovered that people who reside near larger expanses of nature unwinded easily as contrasted to others who invested much less time outdoors. Hiles, a solid follower in community bonds, claims that beyond their ability in order to help lowering energy costs as well as fostering active lifestyles, trails promote a sense of fondness among next-door neighbors, with paths encouraging impulsive discussions and also meetings. Environmental, sensible and enjoyable, shared public meeting point: a series of walking tracks are a feature no housing development should lack.

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Marcus Hiles Proposes New Commodities to Tenants

Known Dallas property investor and plant life defender, Marcus Hiles is aware what renters want when choosing a house for rent. Yet one vital item probably remains off most people’s checklists of must-have amenities: walking pathways. Hiles advises apartment hunters to be on the lookout for a clear presence of recreational pathways throughout the site of the unit. As the CEO of Western Rim, a large enterprise that has singlehandedly created and currently manages more than fifteen thousand buildings and properties in major cities across Texas, like Fort Worth, Dallas and Austin, Hiles knows that in the market about the multiple treats walkways provides to renters, such as couples with children, singles, retirees out there.
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Marcus Hiles – Cincopa – Image SlideShow

Marcus Hiles – The Luxe 3Eighty

Located near the sparkling waters of Lake Lewisville, and just a short drive from the vibrant cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, The Luxe 3Eighty offers the best of all possible worlds: Easy access to big-city culture with the upscale comfort and privacy of a secluded, members-only community. Our exclusive, world-class residence provides young professionals and families with a seamlessly luxurious way of life. Amenities abound, including a well-appointed clubhouse, massive resort-style pool and tanning deck, leading-edge fitness center, plush comfortable lounge, a cozy Starbucks® Wi-Fi Café and much more.
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