Marcus Hiles On Importance Of Childrens’ Access To Education

Karen Rue, president of the Texas Association of School Administrators, echoes what Marcus Hiles has said, “kids deserve transformational, top-to-bottom reform. We need a better understanding of what it costs to educate 5.2 million students.” To help policymakers ensure that every child is educated enough to obtain a job paying above the poverty line, the AEI-Brookings Institute (a Washington, D.C. based nonprofit public policy research organization) formed a Working Group on Poverty and Opportunity. Its 2015 findings recommended policies increasing public investment in preschool and postsecondary education, along with promoting social-emotional and academic skills, modernizing the organization and accountability of the educational system, and closing resource gaps. For Americans, education has always been a vital way to transform economic circumstances. In a time of growing inequality, increasing access to quality education has the potential to offer higher chances for countless American children to succeed.

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